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Datasets in Textbook

The following datasets are used in the textbook. They are available here for those interested in using these data in their own statistical software.

Datasets as txt files

Datasets in this section are available as simple text files. The first line of each file lists the variable names. Variable names and entries in data rows are separated by spaces. The name of the file refers to the exhibit number in the chapter where the data first appear or are referenced. For example, ex4.1.txt is the dataset corresponding to Exhibit 4.1 in Chapter 4. -- a zip archive containing all the textfile datasets listed below.

ex1.1.txt -- Internet access rates for each of the 50 U.S. states.

ex4.1.txt -- Lottery bids (in dollars) for 20 bidders in hypothetical lottery.

ex5.1.txt -- Internet access rates and college education rates for each of the 50 U.S. states.

ex6.2.txt -- Sex, age (years), height (in.), and weight (lbs.) of 19 middle school students.

ex7.2.txt -- Running time, age, and miles of training per week for hypothetical runners.

ex8.1.txt -- SAT scores for two groups of student who did or did not take a prep course.

ex8.6.txt -- Subsequent tasks completed after different types of feedback (failure, none, success) on a previous task.

ex8.13.txt -- GRE scores from three training programs in psychology (clinical, developmental, and social).

ex8.15.txt -- Scores on standardized arithmetic test for hypothetical students in grades 4, 5, and 6.

ex9.1.txt -- Mood scores from a drug (A, B, Placebo) x psychotherapy (treatment, control) factorial design.

ex10.1.txt -- Achievement scores, curriculum (-1 = old; 1 = new), teacher (-1 = A; 1 = B), and pretest scores.

ex10.8.txt -- Modified version of ex10.1.txt; see textbook for explanation.

ex10.12.txt -- Psychological symptoms by condition (treatment vs. control) and number of criticisms.

ex11.1.txt -- Three within-group scores for two levels of competition.

ex11.9.txt -- Data fro crossed design (experimenter present or absent)

ex11.17.txt -- Data for a 3 x 2 within-subject design

ex11.22.txt -- Scores for husbands and wives by couple with years married and child status.

ex13.1.txt -- SAT and high school ranks with and without an outlier induced by reversing variable values for one observations.